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Pressure Tank 18 L

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GT-H-18 PN16 G1 V

Grundfos GT-H-18 PN16 G1 V is a Diaphragm pressure tank, with a capacity of 18.0 l and Vertical installation. The tanks are approved for drinking water. The GT-H-18 PN16 G1 V is designed for a maximum operation pressure of 16 bar and a maximum liquid temperature of 90 °C.

The tank is a steel pressure tank with a non-toxic butyl rubber diaphragm with a precision-moulded polypropylene liner for superior air and water separation.

A pressure tank ensures controlled pressure in the water supply and thereby limits the switching frequency of the pump in case of low water consumption or leakage loss. The result is increased comfort in your installation by limiting the start/stop frequency of your pump, and it increases system comfort by compensating for pressure drops when a tap is opened, while reducing problems with water hammer in the pipework.

Maximum liquid temperature:90 °C
Specification Name Detail
Product name: GT-H-18 PN16 G1 V
Product No: 96528358
EAN number: 5700397133880
Membrane type: Diaphragm
Material: Carbon steel/polypropylene (PP
Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar
Pre-pressure: 4 bar
Size: 18.0
Maximum liquid temperature: 90 °C
Net weight: 4.5 kg
Gross weight: 5.1 kg
Applicat. typ: Standard
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