Davey Firefighter 5155H

• Firefighting • Tanker to tanker water transfer • High head general water transfer • Sheep jetting • Irrigation • Boom spraying

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Specification Name Detail
Flow capacities to 500 lpm APPLICATIONS
Maximum total head 72m
Maximum suction lift 7m • Firefighting
Maximum water temperature 50ºC
Minimum water temperature 1ºC • Tanker to tanker water transfer
Maximum casing pressure 1000kPa
Minimum suction pipe size 11/2” • High head general water transfer
Suction pipe strainer Required
Inlet size* 11/2” or 2” • Sheep jetting
Engine model GX160
Engine type Overhead valve • Irrigation
Max. hp @ 3600 rpm 5.5
Displacement (cc) 163 • Boom spraying
Fuel tank (litres) 3.6
Oil capacity (litres) 0.6
Approximate fuel
consumption @ full
load @ 3600 rpm
1.73 l/hr
dBa @ 4m @ 3600
rpm @ full head 85
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