Grundfos Unilift CC7 Submersible Pump

Submersible Drainage Pump

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Grundfos Unilift CC pumps are single-stage submersible pumps with a low suction ability down to 3 mm water level. The pumps are designed for pumping rainwater and grey wastewater, e.g. from

  • washing machines, baths, sinks, etc. from low-lying parts of buildings up to sewer level
  • cellars or buildings prone to flooding
  • draining wells
  • wells for surface water with inlets from roof gutters, pits, tunnels, etc.
  • swimming pools, ponds or fountains.

The pumps are suitable for both stationary and portable use. They are for automatic operation. The pumps allow free passage of particles up to ø10 mm.

The motor incorporates automatic overload protection cutting out the motor in case of overload. When cooled to normal temperature, the motor restarts automatically.

Specification Name Detail
Product name UNILIFT CC7 - A1
Product No 96280974
EAN number 5700830812020
Max flow 2.78 l/s
Head max 7 m
Maximum particle size 10 mm
Pump housing PP 15 GF
Impeller PPOm 20 GF
Pump outlet R 1 1/4
Maximum installation depth 10 m
Pumped liquid Any Newtonian liquid
Liquid temperature range 0 .. 40 °C
Density 998.2 kg/m³
Electrical data
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Rated voltage 1 x 220-240 V
Rated current 1.8 A
Capacitor size - run 8 µF/450 V
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5) IP68
Insulation class (IEC 85) F
Motor protec YES
Length of cable 10 m
Type of cable plug AUS
Level switch float switch
Net weight 5.27 kg
Gross weight 6.03 kg
Shipping volume 0.017 m³
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